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Solar PanelsWelcome to the Energy Provision website. At the moment the human species finds itself at an important junction in its history.

If we don’t address the problems with the way that we power our civilization soon, we may find that our civilization is unsustainable, and after all of our years of interminable progress, that we are forced to take some major steps backward. Ideally, we would make an inexpensive and efficient generator that doesn't give off any pollution, in comparison to the ones we use today that are filling the atmosphere with deadly gases.

If we could do this then there still might be a chance that the Earth’s atmosphere would be able to replenish itself and equalize back to its previous state that was so very good for life, and which enabled it to evolve so uniquely.

But the fear is that we may soon reach a tipping point where it becomes too late for the atmosphere to revert to its previous state of equilibrium, and that it will find a new base level, a new equilibrium, one that is not so hospitable, and maybe, one that is downright hostile to human life.

However the lack of genuine changes being made indicate we will not be able to prevent this, as it is too convenient for us to close our eyes to what is happening, and ignore the perils that future generations are going to face. The devising of efficient and effective renewable energy sources is critical to the survival of the human species.

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